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LaSalle REIT Advisors is the asset manager of LaSalle LOGIPORT REIT



LaSalle REIT Advisors K.K. ("LRA"), is the asset manager to LaSalle LOGIPORT REIT ("LLR") which is a logistics focused J-REIT. LRA is a part of LaSalle Investment Management ("LaSalle Group"). LRA's direct parent company is LaSalle Investment Management K.K. ("LIM K.K."), which is the LaSalle Group's Japan based corporate entity established in 2001. LIM K.K. and the LaSalle Group are expanding upon its global real estate asset management businesses in the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

Since its inception, LIM K.K., through its various private real estate fund vehicles, has managed a wide exposure to multiple real estate sectors including office, retail, logistics and residential, totaling an investment track record. Within this, as it relates specifically to logistics real estate, the Japan platform quickly focused on the growth potential to this market, lending itself to become a pioneer and market leader in the acquisition, development, leasing and management of advanced logistics facilities since the nascent days in this industry. To date, LIM K.K. has acquired and developed logistics real estate with a total gross floor area of over 5 million square meters.

In unison with utilizing the LaSalle Group's global real estate investment knowledge as a guide, LRA intends to fully leverage off of the logistics related intellectual expertise it has cultivated in Japan, and will incorporate this investor-oriented mind set as the asset manager to LLR. LRA would like to express how it is up for the challenge to meet everyone's expectations as the asset manager, by managing assets with a long-term investment view that will ensure sustained improvements toward unitholder values of LLR.

LaSalle REIT Advisors K.K.
President and CEO
Taira Jigami

Management Policy

LRA, as a real estate specialized asset management company, is a member of LaSalle Investment Management, a company that is proud to be one of the world's pre-eminent firms in this space with years of experience. LRA aims to build long term relationships which are based upon trust from its investor base, whom are its clients. Devoted to investor-oriented asset management, LRA strives to provide superior management performance and client service.

LRA, borne with asset management responsibilities on behalf of a LLR, inherits the management philosophy of the LaSalle Group. By leveraging off of the sustained operational support through its global real estate investment expertise along with its wealth of development and investment experience in Japanese logistics facilities, LRA strives to enhance unitholders value of LLR.

Corporate Overview

Trademark Name LaSalle REIT Advisors K.K.
Date Established March 18, 2002
Paid in Capital JPY 164,500,000
Shareholder LaSalle Investment Management K.K. 100%
Directors President and CEO Taira Jigami
Director Toshikazu Urushibata
Director Daisuke Ishida
Non-Executive Director Kunihiko Okumura
Non-Executive Director Marnie Elizabeth Prater
Auditor Kenjiro Higashino
Financial Instruments Business Registration Number Director of the Kanto Local Financial Bureau No. 2863
A member of the General Investment Trust Association
Realty business license License Number: Governor of Tokyo (2) No. 97862
Discretionary trading agency approval Authorization Number: Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport approved No. 92

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Employee Initiatives

LRA's Policy

Employees are the foundation of all activities at LRA. We aim to create such an organization and workplace culture that respects diversity, evaluates/rewards individual abilities, harnesses growth for skills to respond to future challenges, and fosters employee health/well-being. We will also remain competitive in the marketplace by attracting and retaining talented individuals to be able to provide the highest level of service for our shareholders.

Philosophy toward working conditions and workplace safety

LRA will not expose its employees to unfair working conditions or threats to safety such as the following:

Payment of wages below fair amounts and working under inhumane conditions
Require working hours in excess of statutory upper limits or force to work overtime with inadequate compensation
Engage in an environment that threatens mental/physical health and safety
Engage in linguistic violence, intimidation, discrimination such as sex and gender, and other harassment/bullying

The following channels are open to all officers and employees if whistleblowing is necessary. Reports can be made anonymously. In addition, we promise to keep confidentiality of the reported content as much as possible.

Direct contact with the Compliance Officer
Ethics help line operated by an external organization
Online reports from the intranet to external organizations

Diversity of Employees

LRA believes that by fostering and maintaining a culture that respects the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and contributions of each employee, LRA and its employees can maximize their potential and generate better results.

Status of Employees

Number of officers
and employees(※1)
Number of directors(※2) Number of managerial
Temporary workers
Total Number of
of female
Total Number of
of female
Total Number of
of female
Total Number of
of female
FY2022 20 (8) 40.0% 6 (2) 33.3% 5 (1) 20.0% 0 - -
FY2021 19 (7) 36.8% 6 (2) 33.3% 5 (1) 20.0% 1 1 100.0%
FY2020 17 (6) 35.3% 6 (2) 33.3% 4 (1) 25.0% 1 1 100.0%
※1 : Number of officers and employees (including part-time officers and employees) as of the end of the relevant fiscal year
※2 : Number of directors and audit & supervisory board members (including Non-Executive Officers) as of the end of the relevant fiscal year
※3 : Number of managers of the relevant departments (including compliance officers) as of the end of the relevant fiscal year
※4 : Number of temporary employees at the end of the relevant fiscal year

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

To invest in our employees and help them reach their full potential, we must build a culture committed to and attentive to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (“DEI”). The following framework, which represents the relationship between a sense of belonging and culture of care fostered by DEI values, is the foundation of LaSalle’s employee culture.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

LaSalle’s DEI Committee has been established to set effective goals and plans to promote each of the following basic policies in the Asia-Pacific region. Under the following policies promoted by this committee, LRA will meet the expectations of its shareholders through sustainable growth based on diversity and mutual respect.

Charity & Community (Contributing to local communities)
Diversity and Inclusion (Growth through acceptance of diversity and mutual respect)
Wellbeing (mental and physical health and an orientation toward a fulfilling life)

The committee has established a plan, which is implemented in the following steps: promoting the understanding of DEI, discussion and action, and evaluation of their effectiveness.

Selection of cultural of care champions (promotion of DEI culture)
Designing programs to improve the sense of belonging (engagement with employees)
Strengthen collaboration among committee members and share best practices in each country (role of the DEI Committee)
Consideration of targets for measurement, such as training implementation rates and diversity indicators (establishment of indicators)

For more information on the LaSalle's DEI Initiatives, see here.

Training and development

LRA emphasizes the importance of the development of its employees. We support the improvement of employees' abilities and growth throughout their careers, from when they join the company to becoming senior members.

Training Programs

Training content Subject Personnel Implementation timing Training length
FY2022 Security awareness training All full-time officers and employees Aug-2022 30 minutes
Sustainability training All full-time officers and employees Jul-2022 1 hour
Training on modern slavery All full-time officers and employees Dec-2022 15 minutes
Leadership training on communication Persons recommended by company Oct-2022 3.5 hours
Leadership training on valuing diversity Persons recommended by company Oct-2022 3.5 hours
Essential program for managers Persons in relevant positions Dec-2022 2 hours
Global communication training (language training) Persons recommended by superiors May-Dec-2022 25-50 hours
On-boarding training for new employees New employees During on-boarding 10 hours
FY2021 Security awareness training All full-time officers and employees Jul-Aug-2021 1 hour
Global communication training (language training) Applicants and persons recommended by superiors May-Nov-2021 24 hours
On-boarding training for new employees New employees During on-boarding 10 hours
FY2020 Security awareness training All full-time officers and employees Jul-2020 1 hour
Basic training for personnel management All full-time officers and employees Jul-2020 1 hour
Sustainability training (4 times in total) All full-time officers and employees Nov-2020 1 hour each
On-boarding training for new employees New employees During on-boarding 10 hours

In addition to the above training, employees of LRA may attend the training as illustrated below at any time to learn about leadership, diversity, etc.

Voluntary training

Leadership Fundamentals of leadership
Inclusive leadership
Diversity How to deal with unconscious beliefs
Creating a comfortable work environment for the LGBT community
Succession Planning Developing leadership presence
Managing high potentials

Status of qualifications

Employees are entitled to receive assistance from LRA with respect to the expenses required for obtaining certain qualifications/licenses (such as a real estate brokerage license, ARES certified securitization master, real estate appraisers license, and certified public accountants license). LRA supports employees with the expenses required to register and maintain such qualifications.

Qualification Qualified employees(※1) Ownership ratio(※2)
FY2022 Real Estate Brokerage License 10 58.8%
ARES Certified Master 13 76.5%
Certified member of the Securities Analysts Association 1 5.9%
Certified Public Accountant 1 5.9%
Financial Planners (FP Technicians/CFP/AFP) 1 5.9%
※1 : Number of full-time officers and employees as of the end of the relevant fiscal year
※2 : Percentage of employees among full-time officers and employees as of the end of the relevant fiscal year

Employee Communication

Employee satisfaction surveys

Employees can have their voices heard through annual employee surveys which are conducted from time to time. During fiscal year 2020, a total of 2 surveys were conducted. The surveys were related to health conditions of employees as the COVID-19 pandemic affected many people in various ways.

Survey content Subject Personnel Implementation timing
FY2022 People Survey (Once), Pulse Survey (4 times in total) All officers and employees May-Dec-2022
FY2021 People Survey (Employee well-being and sense of belonging) All officers and employees Apr-2021
FY2020 People Survey (Employee health conditions survey) (twice in total) All officers and employees May-2020, Nov-2020

Performance review system

LRA holds 1-on-1 meetings between employees and their managers at the time of setting annual targets and at the end of the evaluation period, among other times. The performance and expectations of each employees' work is communicated multiple times throughout the year.

Employee Health and Comfort

Benefit packages

Employees of LRA are entitled to the use of a unique welfare system called "Premium Day". This enables them to take a paid holiday afternoon on any day of the month once a month. This is a modified version of the more socially practiced “Premium Friday” in Japan where the benefits are set at the last Friday of each month. LRA’s “Premium Day” enables employees to take the paid holiday afternoon on any day of the month. Other benefits include meal expenses for overtime work. In addition, all employees, including temporary staff, are provided with options for health-conscious beverages and breakfast in the cafeteria.

Premium Day A system that enables employees to take a paid afternoon holiday once a month on any day in addition to regular paid holidays
Offering of various
Offering a lineup of health-conscious beverages, such as vegetable juices and soymilk free of charge
Breakfast (once a month) Providing a free breakfast once a month
Payment of meal expenses
for overtime work
A fixed meal expense amount will be paid for overtime work after 8:00 p.m.
Working from home Establishment of work from home rules and promotion of flexible working styles for employees

Breakfast service

Data on Health and Comfort

Number of
paid holidays
taken by
Ratio of
Number of
and deaths
Number of
Number of
Rate of
returning to
work after
childcare leave
Number of
users using
FY2022 15.3 hrs 11.7 days 94.1% 0 0.0% 0 0.0% 0 Not applicable 0
FY2021 22.0 hrs 8.3 days 93.3% 0 0.0% 0 0.0% 0 Not applicable 0
FY2020 13.2 hrs 6.9 days 93.0% 0 0.0% 1 5.6% 0 Not applicable 0
※1 : Average overtime hours per person during the relevant fiscal year (hours per month)
※2 : Average number of paid holidays taken per person per year during the relevant fiscal year (days per year)
※3 : Number of employees leaving the company excluding transfers within the group
※4 : Number of employees terminating employment divided by the number of employees at the beginning of the relevant fiscal year
※5 : Return rate of employees that took childcare leave at the end of the fiscal year

Comfort inside the office

LRA's office is designed to be a work environment that improves employee comfort/productivity and enables a variety of work styles. Such work styles include adopting a layout that actively incorporates natural light into offices, the installation of high counter tables that can be used for seated/non-seated work or lunch consumption, and private booths that enable work concentration.

Counter table

Individual room booth

In addition, cafeteria spaces located in LRA's office is available to all executives and employees, including temporary staff. Beverages are provided free of charge and other items such as snacks are offered at discounted prices. This cafeteria space can be used as a workspace as well as a space for facilitating communication between employees.

cafeteria space

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