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Basic policy for dealing with anti-social forces

LaSalle REIT Advisors K.K. (hereinafter "LRA") will block any relationship between itself and any of its related parties (e.g. Investment Corporation, etc.) with any anti-social force. In addition, LRA will comply with the following basic policies in order to prevent material damage to occur upon stakeholders including directors, employees, and shareholders, as part of fulfilling its societal responsibility.

Basic policy for dealing with anti-social forces:

1. LRA will not have any dealings with any anti-social forces. If LRA is found to have unknowingly entered into a business relationship with an anti-social counterparty, then upon discovering said anti-social force, LRA will promptly resolve and end its relationship as soon as possible. LRA refuses any unfair demands made by any antisocial forces.
2. With respect to any unfair demands made by an anti-social forces, LRA will not merely leave it up to the person or department in charge of the matter, but rather will deal with the matter from the CEO and senior management, and will respond via the entire organization. In addition, without limiting things to just LRA, LRA and its shareholders, along with its group companies will work together to eliminate any antisocial forces.
3. LRA will legally respond to any unfair demands made by an anti-social force by dealing with it through civil and criminal channels.
4. Even in cases where an anti-social forces' unfair demand causes unseemly details to business activities or misconduct upon business executives or employees, LRA will never take part in any backside transactions to cover up such a case. LRA will never fund and supply capital to anti-social forces.

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